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Whipped Tallow Balm

Whipped Tallow Balm

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This blend of our pastured lamb tallow, jojoba oil, and essential oils might just be the "magic skin care" product you have been looking for. 

I created this Tallow balm because I was tired of seeing the fat or suet go to waste after processing. It is a byproduct of the meat industry and makes a remarkable moisturizing and healing lotion. 

Tallow is rendered down animal fat and is filled with magical vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamins A, D, E, K in addition to CLA's! Because tallow is an animal fat it has a very similar chemical makeup to our own skin oils. Making it the perfect moisturizer, baby balm, eczema solution, or acne healer. 

Tallow was probably the first skincare ever used dating back to ancient Roman and Egyptian civilization. 

Made with only THREE ingredients this Whipped Tallow might be exactly what you need for the ultimate multipurpose body balm. 


The 9 oz jar is A LOT! It will probably last you about 6 months, depending on use of course. 

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