What Breed are your Sheep?

Our flock is made up of Suffolk sheep - This breed of sheep originated in Britain during the 18th century. Suffolk sheep have black faces with white bodies, are naturally polled (without horns) and are raised primarily for their meat. Their meat is lean with excellent taste, texture, and flavor. 

Where are you located?

Our Great Basin Ranch is located in North East California and North West Nevada. 

What do your sheep eat?

Our sheep are on pasture ALL YEAR ROUND. They are rotationally grazed on perennial grassland pastures and organic alfalfa stubble fields during the spring, summer, and fall months. In the winter when forage is not freshly available our sheep are fed hay that is grown right on our ranch. 

We sometimes supplement our lamb with a non-GMO and organic grain. Usually this is in the dead of winter when feel an additional food source is necessary for our flock. Grain is never their primary or only food source. 

Is your meat organic?

While our lamb is not certified organic our sheep are grazed on certified organic pasture and fed organic hay the majority of their life. 

Does your meat contain antibiotics?

None of the meat that you purchase from us will ever contain antibiotics.

On occasion we will have a sheep that gets very sick and will require antibiotics to recover (just like you might, if you were to get extremely sick) Lambs that are given these antibiotics are either sold at a sale yard or harvested for our own consumption here on the ranch. 

Does your meat contain added hormones?

No, our animals are never given added hormones. We believe quality genetics and good feed are all that sheep need in order deliver delicious meat. 

How are your lambs harvested?

Our lambs are humanely harvested at a certified USDA processing facility. We strive to ensure that our animals are treated with complete respect throughout the entire process. This means a low stress and clean environment. USDA facility standards are extremely rigorous.  

Are all your animals born on your ranch?

Yes. Every single animal we harvest is born and raised here on our ranch. We never buy outside animals for harvest.