About Us

Hi, we're Anna and Riaan Odendaal!

We own and raise a small(ish) flock of Suffolk sheep in Northern CA and Nevada. Our flock is a small part of Anna's families, much larger, sheep and cattle ranch.  We take pride in our product and only sell the very best lamb. Here at ALE Sheep Co. our sheep are pastured all year long and we strongly believe in zero to low waste. We do our best to use every part of the lamb. We get the hides organically tanned after harvest, we save and sell all extra bones for broth or pets, and we keep all offal cuts for a nutrient dense offering. We are also in the process of creating felted wool products from our sheep's wool. Logistically, it is our biggest challenge yet, but we are beyond excited to see it come to fruition. 

How We Started

Anna started ALE Sheep Company  in high school as an FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience - Being raised on a large scale sheep and cattle operation she had a love for animals and the mind of a business owner. So, in 2012, when she had the opportunity to purchase a small flock of Suffolk ewes, the choice was easy. She took all the money she had saved from her 4-H lambs over the years, sold the 10 head of goats she currently had and became the proud owner of 40 head of Suffolk ewes! With the help of her family, Anna has run the same flock ever since.

About Our Sheep

Our flock is made up of Suffolk sheep - This breed of sheep originated in Britain during the 18th century. Suffolk sheep have black faces with white bodies, are naturally polled (without horns) and are raised primarily for their meat. Their meat is lean with excellent taste, texture, and flavor. 

Our sheep are pastured all year round, grazing during the spring, summer, and fall months and fed hay during the winter when forage is not available. Our sheep are given basic vaccinations but never antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. If they are given antibiotics, even though meat is generally safe after a withdrawal period, we do not sell meat from those lambs.