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Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb

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The iconic Rack of Lamb - Serving rack of lamb is an effortless way to have a restaurant quality meal at home!  This delicious, tender, and versatile cut is just what you need for entertaining or just to feed your family. 

It is also very easy to cook! Don't be fooled by it's "fanciness." Rack of lamb is one of the simplest cuts to cook. There are 8 chops per rack of lamb and weighs approx. 2 lbs. This is perfect to feed a family of 4-6. 

In order to create the a "Frenched Rack" you can easily remove a few few inches of meat from the end of the bones. If you want to have a "Crown Roast" you will need to tie two Frenched Racks together to resemble a crown. 

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