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Hide 102

Hide 102

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Organically tanned by hand in Oregon - Our hides are so soft to lay on and because of the wool - hides are naturally anti-bacterial and temperature regulating. They are also completely machine washable!

Our sheep hides are a beautiful and cozy addition to any room, chair, bed, wall, or floor. Because they regulate body temperature they are perfect for babies. If you are looking for a great baby shower gift - this is it! 

Care and laundering of sheepskins

  • If your hide is looking moshed or dusty just vacuum it.
  • For day to day cleaning, just give it a good vacuum or shake outdoors. You can then use a pet or carding brush to groom it up.
  • Your hide is naturally antibacterial - but if it is feeling musty, you can always just lay it out in direct sunlight for a few hours after shaking or vacuuming.
  • You’ll probably never have to wash your sheep hide, but if necessary, it is washable. Wash by hand or use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. The main thing you want to avoid is felting your wool. This can happen with too much agitation and really hot water. So limit agitation and keep water warm or cold.
  • Hang dry and stretch every once in a while - Or air dry in dryer. NO HEAT 
  • Don’t worry about bugs - the combination of bark and smoke tanning makes them uninterested
  • Everything used in the tanning process is certified organic for food production, so it is safe for your family and pets.
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