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Herder’s Healer

Herder’s Healer

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Herder’s Healer - a blend of our pastured Tallow & Lanolin. For cracked hands, heels, or anywhere else with dry skin! 

Are you or a loved one still using a petroleum based bag balm? It is PAST time to make the switch. Replace your bag balm with this all natural and luxurious alternative. 

Tallow: Our tallow is a blend of grass fed lamb & beef suet rendered down by hand to remove any impurities. Tallow is able to moisturize the driest of skin while also providing a wealth of nutrients, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Because tallow is an animal fat it mimics the oil that our skin produces and is easily absorbed. Making it a superior moisturizer even in our dry High Desert Climate. 

Lanolin: Lanolin comes from sheep’s wool. Sheep produce lanolin to protect them from harsh elements. When sheep are shorn and the wool is scoured - we are able to save the lanolin and put it to use. Lanolin is incredibly hydrating and is able to penetrate the skin deeply helping to lock in moisture. 

Juniper Berry: The Juniper Berry in the Healer is ethically foraged here in the Great Basin. Juniper Berry heals and detoxifies the skin making it more than just a scent. Like many of the other ingredients in the balm Juniper Berry is anti inflammatory and full of antioxidants. *Please note; while Juniper Berry has many amazing properties, it is not recommended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding. We would recommend using our unscented version if that applies to you! 

Try Herder's Healer today! 

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