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Whole or Half Lamb, Custom Cut Pre-Order!

Whole or Half Lamb, Custom Cut Pre-Order!

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A whole lamb is approximately 45-60 lbs. of meat. Making a half lamb approximately 25+ lbs of meat. Each lamb will vary a bit.  

When you order a custom cut lamb you will have the ability to customize your lamb by choosing from the following options. 

1. Shoulder

Roast - Choose between Bone in or Boneless 
Shoulder Chops/steaks

2. Ribs
Rack of lamb and short ribs 
All short ribs 

3. Legs
Leg Roast Deboned cut & tied OR Bone in Roast
Legs cut in to Stew meat 

4. Loin, Shanks, and Neck 
Your lamb will include loin chops, shanks, & Neck chops. 

5. Choice between stew meat or ground lamb

6. The choice to include Bones for soup or pets in your order

7. Your choice of Packaging.
Plastic with paper wrap 
Plastic vacuum sealed wrapping 

Lamb will be ready for delivery or pickup by October 1, 2023.  Please include your cut preferences in customer notes upon check out! 

If you choose a Half lamb - it will simply come with half the amount of lamb. One Rib Rack, one Shoulder Roast, one Leg, etc.

Please Note: Whole lamb is only available for local pickup or delivery at this time!

We have added the option to pay in full up front or just a deposit. The rest will be due at delivery. 

Whole Lamb Total: $550  Half Lamb Total: $300

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